Veils Altered Book


  This book was inspired by veils as they appear throughout history; veils used to conceal, to entice, to add mystery. Each veil is a whisper of mystery, allure and an invitation to see beyond the illusion of restriction into limitless freedom. The book has a doll's head with a veil attached to the back of the book to add to the mystique of veils.

  When I think of veils, I immediately think of Egypt and the mystery of the ancient Egyptians. Where did the pyramids and the Sphinx come from? What do they mean? The answers are veiled in time.

  This picture and the next are the same page. I love this scrap of old netting with its ruffles and ragged edges. The coin fringe makes a wonderful jingling noise.
  Only when the veil is lifted off this page can you see the message about hope from a quote by Emily Dickinson. You can also see the face appear behind the veil and the red flower petals.
  This page is called Falling Star to reveal the meteoric rise and fall of the icon Marilyn Monroe. There she is on top of a weathered motel sign with a falling star overhead. On the opposite page, there is a warning about no smoking and flames surrounding her.
  The idea for this spread came from ancient civilizations throughout time. The ancient pillars, the ancient faces looking heavenward, the ancient ruined cities. Who lived there? What were their lives like? All we have are shards and fragments of their lives.
  This is the simplest page in terms of background. I purposely left it simple to emphasize the woman in the veil under the arch and the woman on the opposite page with her flowers, embarking on her maiden voyage.
  "She's not a mind reader" came from the idea of looking beyond the veil of our own futures. I prefer the surprises and mystery of watching my life unfold.
  I love the romance of the Renaissance period; the richness of the costumes, and the music and intrigue of court politics. I'm sure that its not all that wonderful without indoor plumbing and electricity, though!
  The Buddhists have the philosophy that everything we observe is part of a dream and the goal to living is to be in the world, but not of it. To live life with loving kindness for all living creatures is a practice for everyday life.
  The juxtaposition of the puritan woman looking aghast and the two women in witches hats struck me as too funny. The thing that makes this spread work is the text I found in a vintage magazine, "Scratching only makes it worse."
  I used slide holders to create a miniature painting gallery for this Renaissance woman. She seems to be gazing lovingly at these mini masterpieces. Her beauty and innocence is a jewel.
  Angels weep at the beauty of her song. The woman behind the red text screen moves angels to tears. The woman on the opposite page, Juliet, shows a more earthly, grounded beauty.
  This page is called Espiritu. The mystery of the woman behind the veil, with her eyes and mouth visible suggested spiritual power to me. The women on the opposite page are also involved in a spiritual experience through the contemplation of the movement of the sun and planets.
  Midnight at the oasis... I have always loved the wild desert magic and mystery. This woman's eye was initially partially hidden by a layer of tissue paper that I rubbed off to reveal the power of her sight.
  Desert flowers blooming for those with eyes to see. There are miracles everywhere if we would only stop to see them in the smallest things.
  This girl has such a knowing, sober look, like she has already lived way beyond her young years as a result of the hardships of a pioneer life. I think of all the pioneers who moved through the land as heroes and heroines, braving the dangerous unknown.
  These pages are a collection of antique photos arranged in a photo album or scrapbook motif. I colored the black and white copy of the young girl, adding selective color to the flowers in her basket and hair.
  The idea of a doorway or passageway was used for the left hand page. Opening the flap, is an invitation to play with a selection of cling vinyl that can be placed on the opposite page in a new collage. Its playtime for big kids...

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