Jingles Altered Book

  This book contains fragments of commercials that I pasted onto the pages of my altered book, hence the name "Jingles." I used ultra thick embossing enamel on a cardboard tile and a stamp to create the turquoise colored tile. Tissue paper was pasted down as the background for both pages. I transferred an image of a lion headed door knocker onto my cut-out door and found a lion's head in my jewelry box to glue to the bottom of the page.
  This page is called "Alfredo" from a commercial for Italian food. The first page is the back of the lion-headed door above and it is decorated with fringe. The page with the man is stamped with a square stamp and turquoise ink, Italian handwriting stamp and scraps from an Italian mosaic package.
  One day when I was out walking, I saw the words "Cat Look" written with chalk on the sidewalk. I presumed it was written by a child in the neighborhood and wondered how the phrase originated. The phrase stuck with me and I decided to call this page "Cat Look" to honor the spirit of randomness.
  This is the last page of my book. I cut out a niche from the last pages of the book and laid in a picture of a cherub's face, roses and a sea shell. I stamped arches onto transparency sheets and used double sided tape to attach to the page. The words, "Head Room" were from a car commercial and I liked the idea of arches having head room. There is also a window cut into the first page which looks back into the previous page.
  I finished this page but needed that final touch to pull it all together. I heard the phrase "The week in Rio" on a commercial and thought "Perfect!" It gives my subjects that little touch of mystery of what they might have done in Rio for a whole week.
  I found an adorable photo of a woman and her dog, Tippy. I copied Tippy three times and he appears around the page adorable as can be. The opposite page has the words "She sees him" and has a woman looking at a man in uniform while three other women look down from above.