I Dream in Color Altered Book

  This page was inspired by the colors of the southwest. I love this turquoise color that reminds me of a the sky so blue that you can fall into it. The pink and red colors help to make the colors even more vivid. I used ancient cave art, a Native American petroglyph, a picture of Aphrodite, feathers, a ticket, playing card and clothing tag.
  I love the lush tropical colors on this page. I had some left over velvet that I wanted to use as well as pictures from a magazine of foliage and the beautiful tiger. Computer generated orange and pink flowers frame the edges.
  This page was really fun. What started out with a simple burnt sienna glazed background found its way to a complete scene complete with a wire mesh "screen door". I cut out the clothes for the line out of scrap paper and made doors in a manila tag that frames the girl inside. A failed photo transfer gives a nice background and adds to the farm theme.
  This has elements of a digital collage that I made along with classic Leonardo Da Vinci pictures and bits and pieces of clip art. The green color gives me a serene and peaceful feeling that I have integrated into my living space. The color orange is a wonderful compliment to the serene green.
  There is something magical about arches and classical architecture. I feel an underlying harmony that is reflected in nature through its perfect symmetry. Even though I don't use orange in my everyday life, I use it a lot in collages. I love the warm feeling and depth I get from the color.